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Your advantage

  • Trust
  • more than 39 years experience of letting holiday properties
  • our sales force (more than 7,000 travel agents and the Internet)
  • a far better than average number of weeks let - even in the low season

Letting your property - a matter of trust


You can depend on INTER CHALET to let your property. Competence, fairness and 40 years of experience in the letting of holiday properties are what count. More than 813.000 guests choose INTER CHALET every year to rent their holiday property - either via one of the 7000 travel agents with whom we co-operate in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or the Benelux countries, or directly with INTER CHALET via the Internet. A German company, based in Freiburg/Breisgau, INTER CHALET has approx. 190 employees. And apart from that, approx. 50 live and work abroad in the various destinations.

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INTER CHALET offers approx. 26.000 holiday properties throughout Europe and in Florida/USA. These are presented in 7 brochures . "WINTER- Ski & Snowboard" is published middle of June, "CASA- Villas Select" and "POLAR- Holiday properties in Scandinavia" are published in October followed by "Holiday properties in ITALY", "Holiday properties in SPAIN, PORTUGAL, CROATIA", "Holiday properties in FRANCE" as well as the brochure "Holiday properties in SUMMER" all published in November.

Your property will be included in the relevant brochure with a detailed description and photographs. The presentation in the brochure is free of charge.

Deadlines for presentation in our brochures are as follows:

  • WINTER (end of April)
  • CASA (end of July)
  • POLAR (end of July)
  • ITALY (end of August)
  • FRANCE (end of August)
  • SPAIN/PORTUGAL/CROATIA (end of August)
  • SUMMER (end of August)
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The complete programme can be found on the Internet under Guests can search for a holiday property using search-criteria, check for vacancies and book online. Holiday properties presented in our brochures are automatically presented on the Internet. There is no limit to the amount of photographs used per property on the Internet. There is no publishing deadline for the Internet - properties can be included at any time.

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Co-operation with travel agents

INTER CHALET has co-operated with travel agents for more than 30 years. Today more than 7000 travel agents in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux countries distribute our brochures, give advice and sell to our guests via a central reservation system or via the Internet.

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Letting Rates

Letting Rates for your property will be agreed and fixed by contract. These rates must be considerably lower than the rates offered by Property Owners to their own guests.

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Looking after you and your bookings

Employees at INTER CHALET speak all European languages. A competent employee, who speaks your language, is responsible for the complete handling of bookings for your property and for any questions concerning our cooperation. This person will also keep you up-to-date about the booking situation for your property.

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The visit and inspection of your holiday property by one of our product-managers is free of charge. If a contract is signed, your property will be presented with a detailed description and photographs on the Internet and/or in the relevant brochure. The presentation is also free of charge. We calculate an amount on-top to cover the cost involved in the production of the brochure, advertising and distribution via travel agents and the Internet.

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Payment is effected punctually at the dates stipulated in our contract, usually on a monthly basis.

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Security deposit

When guests arrive they pay the Owner (or caretaker) a security deposit. The amount is defined by contract and is an integral part of the property description.

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Bookings by Property Owner

“Can I use my property myself?” is one of the most frequently asked questions. The answer is - yes, but within reason. Property Owner bookings will be defined in the contract and should only be taken after agreement with INTER CHALET. Please bear in mind that our return on investment can only be achieved when able to let the maximum number of weeks possible.

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We would be very pleased to discuss any further questions with you personally. Naturally - in your language. Depending on where your holiday property is located, you can contact the person responsible for you. Or you can fill out the questionnaire and return it to us - we will call you as soon as possible.

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Our team visits the properties personally.
Fair & attractive prices. Our customers rate our price-performance ratio with 4.2 out of 5 stars.
'Stiftung Warentest’ (German consumer organization) nominated INTER CHALET best in test in the category consulting service and online booking (issue 11/2013).
Detailed descriptions of all the properties and truthful customer reviews.
INTER CHALET is a German tour operator specialized in the segment of holiday home rentals since 1974. We have more than 813.000 customers a year, many of them are regular customers!

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